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Archer & Hound co-owners Jessica Blanchfield and David Blanchfield smiling at the camera with Better Business Bureau President and CEO Blair Looney during a presentation of Archer & Hound's Ethics Award in 2021

A&H Receives BBB Ethics Award

Archer & Hound Advertising, a woman-owned, full-service advertising agency, has received the 2021 Ethics Award for Marketplace Excellence.

This award is part of the Better Business Bureau’s Celebration of Ethical Leadership, which recognizes businesses in Central California and Inland Empire counties that demonstrate an outstanding level of ethics and integrity in all of their business dealings. The recognition is awarded by the BBB in partnership with Fresno State’s The Ethics Center and the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

What the Better Business Bureau Award Says About Archer & Hound

“Our BBB’s ‘Marketplace Excellence Awards’ is judged by an independent panel of previous ethics award winners,” stated BBB President and CEO Blair Looney. “They review and score each application.”

Looney went on to say, “Archer & Hound demonstrated to the judges their commitment to standards and procedures designed to give long-term value to customers and vendors. They also showed employee training designed to foster ethical practices and customer service policies.”

Archer & Hound initially started in 2006 by owners Jessica Blanchfield, Dave Blanchfield, and Aaron Coyne. The agency’s growth has happened with a focus on attracting the very best talent, creating a unique and authentic culture, and striving for the healthiest and most productive client-agency relationships.

Archer & Hound also focuses on developing its staff by setting aside time for individual and organizational growth, monthly dinners, and leadership seminars.

Among the traits that define Archer & Hound is the agency’s belief in its role to advance trust in the market by diving deep into each client’s culture and values. Then, ensuring that identity is displayed in the client’s brand, voice, and outward appearance.

“To receive an award that confirms that what we’re doing is right and good is incredibly meaningful, especially coming from organizations we respect so much,” said Jessica Blanchfield, Founder, President, & Director of Accounts. “This is an extreme honor for us.”


Who Else Was Recognized by the Better Business Bureau?

Archer & Hound received the award for the medium-sized business category. The full list of recipients is:

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