The founders of Blown Away knew there was demand for a blow dry bar in Fresno. That’s when they brought a “big city” idea (and some pre-Pinterest vision boards) to Archer & Hound. That’s part of what makes Blown Away unique; there is no backstory. It was just a figment of a very driven entrepreneur’s imagination. Fortunately, that’s all we needed.


Identifying abstract visions and translating a client’s language can be difficult, but being the detail-oriented agency we are, we knew that this project, in particular, would be an exercise in skill and ingenuity. We eagerly went to work.

the archer & hound treatment

The best part of this whole project? Taking that original idea, working through a collection of adjectives like “sparkly” and “glitzy,” and creating a cohesive brand that looks like it could be part of a national franchise.

Archer & Hound took a great idea and developed it into not just a logo and responsive website, but a complete brand for this new business.