When EYE-Q reached out to Archer & Hound, their website was not organized, their services had little structure, and we recognized the potential for a more well-informed visitor and enhanced patient experience.


When it comes to building a large, complicated healthcare website, there are fundamentals you have to get right. If a website’s foundation is flawed, everything you build on top of it won’t work correctly—and EYE-Q needs their patients to have a positive experience from the moment they research them online to when they come in and experience the professional, high-quality doctors, staff and facilities first-hand.


In creating a clean and simple design, EYE-Q’s websites became easier to use and can now reflect the organization’s comfortable and welcoming environment. On the site, visitors will find videos explaining procedures as well as blog posts that bring in the community element on which EYE-Q prides itself.


The websites we created for EYE-Q’s essential are user-friendly, organized and unified. We tackled a site-within-a-site for its essential sub-brands and made it all work responsively, from desktops down to mobile, with features including:

  • Custom photography
  • A custom iconography set to identify the different departments and services offered
  • Ongoing SEO, analytics, and content development for maximum site indexing and organic first page results
  • Trackable forms for each department
  • Sub-brands include MedSpa and LASIK (sites-within-a-site)

Since the launch of the new site, visitors and conversions have been exceeded year over year.