Client Focus: Kern Medical

Client Focus | August 23, 2018

Kern Medical is the leading health organization in the Kern County area. They are a certified teaching hospital and the only trauma center in the area. Their team consists of trailblazers and forward-thinkers who regularly make significant advances in their fields. They’re known in their industry for thinking outside of the box and using creative solutions to address the many unique medical challenges that they face on a daily basis.

Fortunately, Kern Medical is also an organization that understands one of our favorite adages: if you’re an expert, but you don’t tell people you’re an expert, no one will recognize you as an expert. (Perception is reality, people.) So when Kern Medical came to us looking for fresh design and well-written content for their quarterly magazine, Health for Life, we knew we could deliver.

Kern Medical’s Health for Life magazine strives to highlight the community and tell the stories of people of the South Valley. It showcases various aspects of the medical center and community at large, including different medical practice profiles, community nonprofit features, patient stories, and the latest happenings around the hospital. With the help of the Kern Medical team, we collect information, write the pieces, and design each story, ultimately creating a cohesive publication that is as informational as it is entertaining.

The process begins with interviews. We speak with patients, doctors, and family members so that we can dive into the stories. We research medical terminology and procedures, gather quotes and first-hand accounts, and utilize all of that to craft compelling narratives. From there, the story must be approved by everyone involved, from the master proofreaders in our office to the client and the people the story is about—it’s very important to us to get thumbs up across the board.

Health for Life is sent to more than 200,000 residents of Kern County. As residents read the magazine, they have the opportunity to learn more about Kern Medical and the assets that this established organization brings to the community, like top physicians, special centers for disease treatment, and state-of-the-art technology. As Kern Medical continues to fill a huge need in the South Valley, we look forward to touting their latest and greatest accomplishments.