The Art of Digital Buying

Marketing | October 23, 2018

With digital ads, advertisers are able to reach their audiences whenever and wherever they are online. It is a tool that dates back further than you would expect, and is more relevant today than ever before.

Digital advertising has evolved immensely within the last couple of decades. If you fast forward to current trends, you’ll find the birth of programmatic buying. With the growth of ad targeting technologies, advertisers can now deliver a message discreetly while making it interesting and interactive.

Before, digital advertising was bought and sold manually. Ad networks bought ad impressions ahead of time from many different sites and apps; they then repackaged them to be sold to advertisers with no transparency. This process involved salespeople, requests for proposal documents, and tons of human error.

However, with programmatic buying, the process of buying media has become automated through digital platforms. This is done through “real-time bidding,” or RTB, which is essentially the stock market of buying and selling media. RTB allows every online ad impression to be evaluated, bought, and sold, individually and instantaneously using computer algorithms. Because of this, digital ad buying is faster, more efficient, and less expensive.

Advertisers now have more granularity within their ad campaigns by paying for impressions individually and using an online dashboard to strategically manage and target these campaigns.

At Archer & Hound, all of this is done in-house, which makes digital ad buying much more effective—and frankly, just makes more sense. We work toward efficiency, transparency, and real-time optimization, while also making use of analytics to determine target audiences, ad performance, and traffic to our clients’ websites.

As technology advances and digital buying continues to evolve, we continue to strive for excellence. Our experience and expertise enables us to provide the most effective and strategic digital ad campaigns for our clients.