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Brand development can be a daunting process—and with something as important as your organization’s core identity, you want to make sure you get it right. We can help with that.

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Our brand discovery method is a hands-on, involved process that begins by answering this essential question. By the end of the process, not only will your organization have an answer along with a clearly defined mission, vision, logo, and color palette—your team will have a comprehensive brand strategy, a deep understanding of key audiences and competition, and goals for the future.

The final result: brand guidelines that will maintain your organization’s authenticity as your company grows and moves forward, no matter who is contributing. They help us develop mood boards, design logos, build websites, and create marketing strategies. They serve as both the map that leads you to where you want your organization to go and the compass that keeps you true to your path along the way. The journey may not be easy—but it’s always worth it, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

the Brand

By connecting your core identity to your brand, your audience will know exactly who you are, allowing them to establish lasting connections with and affinities for your organization.

From brand purpose and personality to values and voice, our process look at the big picture as well as the details. We work together with your team to eliminate emotional clutter and pinpoint who you are as a company.

the Audience

Speaking to specific audiences will help your organization build stronger relationships—which is difficult if you don’t know who they are.

Getting to know our audiences on a personal level means that we can anticipate their needs and answer their questions before they ask, establishing trust and credibility that can’t be manufactured.

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Understanding the Market

Understanding the competition allows us to identify your organization’s unique position in the market—and then use that to our advantage. Your competitors, along with a map of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, help us uncover the key differentiator, which may ultimately be the reason your audiences choose to connect with, support, or purchase services or products.

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Objectives & Goals

Strategic planning sets your organization up for the future, and putting objectives and goals on paper ensures that the key stakeholders, marketing team, and other departments are all on the same page (no pun intended). Then by assigning metrics to your goals, we can measure ongoing success and adjust our aim as needed.

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Engaging in the
Creative Process

There are many subliminal messages communicated to your audience through visual cues. Every color and font has numerous emotions tied to it, and different combinations evoke various levels of energy.

As we develop brand look and feel, we consider your audience’s perceptions of these factors, in addition to all of the brand development pieces we completed together. You and your team will then select the mood board that feels right for your organization, setting the visual tone of the brand.

the Vision

The final brand guidelines that result from this process are completely unique to your organization. Putting all of this information on paper ensures that the key stakeholders, marketing team, and anyone else working with the brand are all on the same page.


You’ve completed your brand development journey—congratulations! It may feel like we’re on top of the world, but we know there are many more mountains to climb, obstacles to overcome, and goals to accomplish. Now that your organization has a cohesive brand and shared understanding, we can begin putting ideas into action and generating results.

So what comes next? Logo? Website? Social media? That’s up to you—but we’ll be ready to help you create that plan and continue on this journey together.


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