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Brand Realignment

Women's Cancer Care

California Oncology of the Central Valley was established in 2006 by Dr. Christopher Perkins, an oncologist specializing in the treatment of breast and gynecologic cancer. His wholehearted commitment to helping women in our area through and beyond their cancer diagnosis extends to his staff, as well—the entire team is passionate about serving their community, attending to not just the physical, but also the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of patients. Prior to the existence of this clinic, there had not been any specialized options between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Patients and staff alike had created a strong emotional connection to the clinic, resulting in an excellent reputation. Unfortunately, this did not equate to recognition or memorability—their existing name and brand identity didn’t reflect any of the holistic care around which they center their mission.

Women's Cancer Care
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During the CORE Workshop process, Dr. Perkins and key stakeholders from his team explained their humble, honest purpose, telling a story we never could have gleaned from brand materials. Our team went to work connecting their compassionate, empathetic culture of care to a brand identity that represents exactly how patients feel when interacting with team members. We proposed new names and landed on a concise, clear label: Women’s Cancer Care. Soft shades of green symbolized comfort and healing, while the warmer tones ensured the kind, welcoming nature of the organization was evident. Images showed relatable women and real patients, emphasizing authenticity. Our team then used the visual and language guidelines we developed to transform disconnected materials into a cohesive, informative, and well-aligned brand expression.

After exhaustive medical research and custom graphic development, their new website launched with a revised brand identity and comprehensive information about women’s cancer types, treatments, and side effects.

We also coordinated the relaunch of their social media channels with an astounding response—with a 15.13 % engagement rate (in comparison to the healthcare industry standard of 0.51%).

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