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Cycle Central Coast

After realizing that none of the many towns lining the Central Coast of California had touted the miles of world-renowned cycling routes available, we worked with the Cambria Tourism Board to create a sub-brand to attract this specific type of visitor. It was our responsibility to ensure that riders in-the-know from around the world would have a great excuse to stop, kick up their clips, and stay a while on the Central Coast.

Archer & Hound—The Challenge

From creating the name, logo, and brand identity to riding and mapping routes, Archer & Hound was clipped in and cranking hard to build a brand that would launch at a regional cycling event with global visibility, Eroica California, while still serving cyclists for years to come.

Since the launch of the brand, Cycle Central Coast has continued to grow in fans, subscribers, visitors, and partners. By inviting local DMOs like San Simeon and Avila Beach to buy into the brand, we have been able to feature new routes, additional points of interest, and more cyclist-friendly stays. While updating the website to include information about our destination partners, we also expanded our use of search-oriented keywords, optimizing user-focused content and tailoring our ongoing content strategy to effectively balance priorities.

Through national cycling magazines, professional riders, local bike clubs, and surrounding tourism allies, Cycle Central Coast has successfully created a buzz for cyclists who are looking for new or challenging rides with beautiful views and wonderful year-round weather. The excitement about our region in recent years has led to increased exposure with popular cyclist influencers, who continue to flock to and promote the area. With so many riders ready to hit the road, Cycle Central Coast is poised for continued growth and achievement for years to come.


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