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When we met the owners of Heirloom, they already had some branded products and apparel—but they wanted to find someone local who could provide them with high-quality products and customer service.

Food & Beverage
Archer & Hound—The Challenge

We noticed that Heirloom’s previous printer didn’t match their product colors perfectly to their brand colors. It was a subtle difference, but it was off, and we knew that we could do better. We also noticed that their shirts had plastisol printing, which is an industry standard but not ideal for a restaurant because it yields a heavy, thick, and uncomfortable print. With all of the wear and tear these shirts will go through, the ink has a higher chance of cracking and deteriorating over time.

We started by applying Heirloom’s brand to some moisture-wicking bandanas that would help team members stay comfortable in the kitchen and around the restaurant. Then, we developed retail-quality shirts using water-based ink printing, which has a soft touch and withstands the demands of frequent use. We also made some branded, embroidered hats, as well as some button-down dress shirts for managerial staff. Employees at Heirloom are cool and comfortable in their new apparel, and everything is perfectly in line with their brand.

Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about Cameron Little and the rest of the Archer & Hound team. Not only are they clearly passionate about their business, but they deeply care about the success of our restaurants. Cameron has a great eye for style and trends. He carefully considers our branding and quality goals in designing shirts and hats for the restaurants. Everything we've received from Archer & Hound is high quality and has looked great. The turnaround time on each of our orders to date has been frankly impressive. Additionally, Cameron frequently mocks up and sends us new design ideas to consider. The ideas are spontaneous and there's never any pressure to place an order. Cameron simply gives us tons of new options and ideas to consider, which we greatly appreciate.

Kevin Koligian Owner, Heirloom

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