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Life Into Focus

EYE-Q Vision Care

While the majority of our EYE-Q advertising campaigns are directly connected to attracting new patients, showcasing services offered, or highlighting a specific call to action, we wanted to take an overarching approach to their branding by developing a new perspective for EYE-Q Vision Care.

EYE-Q Vision Care

With existing brand equity, most people in the Valley are familiar with the name EYE-Q, and are also aware of the services offered. What was missing from the name recognition was the emotional connection between what they do and what they provide—life, into focus.

The Life Into Focus campaign directly connects the wondrous moments in life captured through our eyes. The campaign strips away the direct sell, and brands EYE-Q as a caring partner that is interested in the daily life of their patients and celebrates each and every milestone and occasion.

The Life Into Focus theme has expanded into capturing EYE-Q’s support for the community through philanthropic efforts, caring doctors, veteran services, children, and breast cancer survivors.

The campaign deliverables include TV spots, bus advertising, print ads, digital marketing, and in-office collateral.

For Jenny, cataracts were terrifying—especially because she didn’t know she had them. She had assumed the worst: she was going blind. Her vision had deteriorated very gradually, but before long, she couldn’t do her favorite hobbies, like scrapbooking and baking. After getting lost at night unable to see street signs, she had given up driving and along with it, much of her personal freedoms. Jenny was feeling trapped by her poor vision when she finally came to EYE-Q searching for answers.

Fortunately, her cataracts were not yet irreversible, and with surgery from EYE-Q, she got her life back, and she was overjoyed. When EYE-Q shared the glowing review they received from her, they expected us to share it on their website—but we saw another opportunity. We enlisted Jenny as our newest TV commercial star in our Life Into Focus campaign, where she was able to share her story about her frightening symptoms and quick recovery. Her passion for life is contagious, and her message helps others recognize their own symptoms and seek help from experts before it’s too late. We successfully integrated a new layer into an existing campaign, adding a level of personal connection that resonated with the target audience. Jenny’s special commercials ran during key TV segments for years, garnering thousands of impressions and hundreds of conversions.


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