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Not A Gimmick

Fitness Together

In an industry full of buzzwords and empty promises, it is no easy feat to be taken seriously. Fitness Together, a high-end personal training studio promoting good health through good old-fashioned hard work, commitment, support, and education, was struggling to differentiate themselves and build a brand.

At the time, Fitness Together had one studio in Fresno, California and two more in development. They were advertising with inconsistent messages, and their criteria for choosing advertising media had more to do with low-cost than relevance. The problem at the heart of it all was they weren’t telling a story, and as a result, they were completely forgettable.

By drilling into Fitness Together’s strengths—a high-end personal training studio where every trainer is college educated and holds multiple fitness certificates—Archer & Hound crafted a value proposition: Fitness Together is a serious place for people serious about their health. The subsequent campaign positioned Fitness Together as a head above the competition by focusing on what they aren’t. No magic bullets, no shortcuts; just real, sweaty results.


Fitness Together

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In less than a month, the campaign generated a 25% increase in weekly leads. Additionally, due to the tremendous success of the local campaign, Fitness Together Corporate purchased the campaign and was able to roll it out to its 425 studios nationwide.


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