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Sub-Brand Development

Cycle Central Coast

Among the endless reasons to visit Cambria, California, there was one in particular that hadn’t yet made the short list. After realizing that none of the many cities flanking the Central Coast of California had touted the miles of world-renowned cycling routes available, or the iconic Highway 1 that made an annual appearance on the Tour de California, we knew this had to change!

After conducting research and developing the initial concept, Archer & Hound pitched the harebrained idea to the Cambria Tourism Board as a sub-set marketing focus. The idea was so overwhelmingly accepted that a community-wide task force was developed, and work began immediately.

From creating the name, logo and brand identity to riding and mapping routes, Archer & Hound was clipped in and cranking hard to launch this new brand in time to make a debut at a regional cycling event that brought in cyclists from all around the world: Eroica California.

Since its inception, Cycle Central Coast has continued to grow in fans, subscribers, visitors, and partners. From national cycling magazines and professional riders to local bike clubs and surrounding tourism allies, Cycle Central Coast has successfully created a buzz for cyclists who are looking for new or challenging rides with beautiful views and wonderful year-round weather. Plus, while on the Central Coast, riders have a great excuse to stop, kick up their clips and stay a while in Cambria.

From the initial concept, name and brand identity to the website, marketing plan, and implementation, Archer & Hound created it all. Since its creation, Cycle Central Coast has attracted world-class cyclists from around the world to the area. It has also grown to include additional partner destinations, broadening the appeal and efficacy of the site as a whole.


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