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Traffic Manager

Alexandra White

Traffic & Production || Project Management || Client Relations || Copywriting

As our Traffic Manager, Alex keeps our pack on-track, bringing order and stability to an industry with a tendency for turbulence and change. Her happy place may have a well-planned schedule and a clear to-do list, but she has no problem managing a little mayhem—in fact, she thrives under pressure and is known for keeping her cool in a crisis. A self-described sponge, Alex is constantly learning, improving, and striving to become better at whatever she’s doing. With her confident, competitive spirit, it’s no surprise that she’s able to overcome every obstacle she faces, and she loves helping our clients do the same.

After years of working as an award-winning producer at a local news station, Alex was drawn to the culture and creativity of marketing. Her skillset is well-suited to A&H, where she is able to apply and develop her talents, lending her expertise to everything from traffic and account coordination to copywriting and content strategy. Her passion for efficient, effective communication allows her to connect client narratives with deeper meaning, and her witty wordplay makes our storytelling sparkle. Energetic, organized, and motivated, Alex loves nothing more than being part of a successful team—and we’re lucky to have her as part of ours.

Certifications & Awards

Alex graduated Summa Cum Laude from Fresno State in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Media, Communications and Journalism, with the honor of Outstanding Broadcast Graduate. She is a two-time Emmy nominee who received an Emmy award in 2021 for producing the nightly news for ABC30 during the Creek Fire. She is certified in the Workamajig project management system.

Community Involvement

As a team captain of the Fresno State Lacrosse team, Alex spent a lot of time volunteering at various animal shelters in the Central Valley. She also regularly volunteered as a pen pal for kindergarten classes at local elementary schools and taught high school students how to play lacrosse.

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Dog Breed

An Enthusiastic
English Yellow Labrador

Friendly, warm, and welcoming, English Labs are much like their American cousins—with even more energy and affection. Like Alex, these playful pups are strong and smart. They will do anything for food and thrive in a consistent routine (as long as there are naps included in the schedule).

DISC Personality


Alex’s high-I personality indicates that she is approachable, friendly, and loves working with others. She is a naturally positive person and believes there is a creative solution to any problem. Alex is also opinionated and outspoken but prefers to lead by example and support from behind, which is why she thrives in a team environment.

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