Social Media Content & Community Manager

Olivia Pape

Social Media || Content Creation || Public Relations || Data & Analytics

Driven by a desire to help others and make a meaningful impact, Olivia is all about the world of social media. In a fast-paced and ever-changing environment, her level-headed, calm demeanor is a hot commodity—Olivia can keep her cool in any crisis. She is always looking into the latest trend or high-tech feature, and she especially loves when she can leverage what she learns to the advantage of our clients. Always listening and absorbing, Olivia is known for her ability to adapt to brand voices and make audience connections that count.

Social media doesn’t lean heavily on just creativity or logic, and Olivia’s favorite part of her role is working both sides of her brain every day, creating compelling content supported by data and research. By immersing herself in the details, she is able to reach a deeper understanding of each client and their needs, resulting in a thoughtful digital approach. It’s this mentality that has made her an asset on the social team since day one. She may have two cats at home, but with her hard-working nature, positive attitude, and creative spirit, we know she’s always been a hound at heart.

Certifications & Awards

Olivia graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in marketing. While at school, she received the Collegiate ECHO Marketing Challenge silver prize along with an Honorable Mention for Best Media Plan.

Profile of Olivia Pape in a dark blouse on a dark yellow background
Dog Breed

A Focused
Border Collie

With a reputation as one of the most intelligent breeds, Border Collies are hard-working, loyal, tenacious, and energetic—just like Olivia. Much like the Collie, her curiosity is insatiable, but her cleverness and practicality turn obstacles into adventures! Olivia won’t rest until the job is done—no herd needed.

The dog persona outline drawing of Olivia Pape, a Border Collie
DISC Personality


Relentlessly positive, patient, and empathetic, it’s no surprise that Olivia is a high S. She is driven by data first and foremost, preferring to take time to gather information and analyze situations before making big decisions. Olivia tends to be open-minded and adaptable, an asset when balancing a collaborative workplace and the demands of social media.

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