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Paige Kabeary

Project Management || Account Services || Client Relations

In the world of advertising, many of our most valuable performers can be found backstage, and Paige is no exception—but someone this special deserves the spotlight. She left Fresno to pursue a bachelor’s degree in cinema from San Francisco State, returning home after graduation to begin her professional career. Beginning her journey as a photographer and videographer, she soon found her place in the world of marketing and advertising, applying her organizational skills to manage creative projects and campaigns. Paige finds immense joy in her role as Project Coordinator at Archer & Hound, relishing the opportunity to learn from colleagues and contribute behind the scenes while our clients take center stage.

Naturally curious and creative, Paige is a curator of knowledge in and out of the office. She has amassed a small yet captivating home library, often loaning books to friends and methodically tracking each borrower. She has a keen eye for culinary excellence, frequently serving as a resource to friends and family when it comes to restaurant recommendations at home and abroad. She loves to plan and host social gatherings but is equally appeased by an evening spent lost in a good book. She is defined by her meticulous attention to detail, an easygoing disposition, and an unwavering commitment to pursuing her goals—in short, Paige knows how to make sure the show goes on.

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Paige Kabeary
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A Goal-Oriented

Like Paige, the Greyhound is described as an attentive, noble, graceful, and sweet-tempered companion. They are both designed for speed—one choosing to race through fields and the other helping to drive projects across the finish line with efficiency and accuracy.

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