A&H Life.

The A&H Philosophy

We believe in focusing inward to provide the best outward experience for our clients, so we’ve spent a lot of time and energy making Archer & Hound a great place to work.

We have mission and vision statements, like most companies, but they didn’t feel like they captured the whole spirit of A&H—so we took all of the missing pieces and created something new: our culture statement.

We strive to be an advertising agency most admired for its people and culture, known for being an authentic, highly effective, lean, and gritty organization.

Still shot of the Hustle x Heart Archer & Hound video series
Alex Jimenez

Senior Designer & Illustrator

Kiley Norvell

Director of Brand Strategy

Kylie Insco

Account Manager

Vikaas Shanker

SEO Strategist

Aileen Pasión

Director of Web Design & Development

Careers at A&H

Join OurCanine Crew

If you eat, sleep, and breathe advertising, enjoy applying your experiences and know-how to unique challenges, can’t learn enough about the world of marketing, and consume caffeine at unreasonable rates, then you might be our next team member. We are regularly seeking employees who can add something special to our crew, and we want to hear from you. (NOTE: Coffee consumption not mandatory.)

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DISC Assessments

Let’s Get Personal

DISC is a behavior assessment tool that is centered on four different personality traits: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). Your DISC profile shows how you might respond in a variety of situations. At A&H, we use DISC to better understand each other, communicate more effectively, and capitalize on our inherent strengths. (We love it so much that we included each employee’s DISC results in their bios!)

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DISC Chart