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LASIK Campaign

EYE-Q Vision Care

After adding a new doctor to the team with years of advanced training and military medical experience, EYE-Q Vision Care also updated their entire LASIK suite with the most advanced machinery on the market. They knew that this revolutionary LASIK system, combined with the best medical care, would help improve the vision of thousands of Central Valley residents—and they asked us to help them spread the word.

EYE-Q Vision Care

We started by developing videos to introduce the features of the new LASIK technology to the Central Valley. The ads were contemporary and sleek, like the tech itself. We also redesigned the LASIK page on the EYE-Q website, modernizing it to match the level of the new system, explaining the LASIK consultation and procedure, and showcasing the LASIK specialist’s expertise. We updated print collateral with the new information, again coordinating the look and feel.

Social Media
& SEM Ads

In the next phase of the campaign, we created more videos—but this time, they were fun, energetic clips about how much better life is with LASIK. With bright colors, upbeat music, and creative ways to destroy glasses or contacts, the videos explained the advantages of LASIK and encouraged consultations. These ads emphasized the fact that with EYE-Q’s new technology, they would be able to treat patients who may have been told they were not a good candidate for LASIK in the past.


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