Partner & Creative Director

Aaron Coyne

Graphic Design || Brand Strategy || Campaign Concepting || Client Relations

Our Creative Director and chief designer has been creating award-winning campaigns for more than 20 years. Aaron’s attention to detail is the stuff of legends. He is keenly perceptive and prolific when it comes to landing a message that moves people. There have been lots of awards (and even a campaign sold to an international franchise that launched worldwide), but Aaron gets most excited about continuing to raise the bar. A designer’s designer, he is not easily satisfied, and as a result, the work shines. Aaron’s unique approach to marketing allows his brainpower to go beyond the computer screen. His creative juices are a valuable asset for all of our clients’ projects.

Beyond his ability to create messages that move, Aaron is a key ingredient to client strategies. Having worked in tandem with Jessica since before their Archer & Hound days, this dynamic duo is an amazing force—one that lends our clients great benefits. Under Aaron’s leadership, our entire creative team is a powerhouse, offering a holistic approach and simple, effective messages—which, in advertising, is often the hardest thing to accomplish, but Aaron has never shied away from a challenge.

Certifications & Awards

Since earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art, Aaron has continued to evolve his skills. He is Google Analytics Certified, and he loves to stay up to date on advertising trends. Recently, Aaron and the team at Archer & Hound Advertising garnered national attention by receiving the highest award given at a national marketing competition for a multimedia campaign which we developed for a local government client. In addition, he’s won numerous Telly awards and countless ADDY awards for campaigns and projects over the years.

Community Involvement

Aaron loves to have his hand in all aspects of the creative process. Participating in the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation’s annual awards show is a perfect example of showcasing the creative talent of the agency as a whole. He loves the process of developing the talent of creatives around him, not only at Archer & Hound Advertising, but in the community in general. He was honored to be selected as a judge of junior designers at the local digital design tournament in 2018 called Design Proof.

Dog Breed

A Friendly
Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are warm, welcoming, and energetic creatures, just like Aaron. They are known for going with the flow and making the best out of every situation. Labs are also notorious for loving water, and there’s nowhere Aaron would rather be!

DISC Personality


Aaron is very detail-oriented, which is evident in his high-C nature, but his high S shows that he is a dependable team player. He likes focusing on one thing at a time, and is very fond of his routines. His most creative ideas will come to him when he is in a comfortable environment where he trusts those around him.

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