Graphic Designer

Bella González

Graphic Design || Illustration || Brand Application

Destined for a creative career, Bella has been passionate about drawing and design since childhood. At a very young age, her dad taught her how to draw, and she has been capturing her interests in illustrations ever since. While she is drawn to mixed media and sculpture, Bella appreciates art in all forms and allows that inspiration to come through in the right designs. Her understanding of styles and techniques, as well as her knack for intelligent application, is based on a need for balance, order, and structure in the world—perfectionist tendencies that are often the mark of an excellent designer.

Bella is excited by the limitlessness of her chosen digital medium. There are so many utilities, each with a different mix of form and function—and with branded merchandise, variety is the name of the game. She sees her set of skills as an opportunity to solve problems for others, looking beyond wants and needs to find possibility and potential that clients haven’t yet considered. She is particular about what she likes, and she knows how to take a design from where it is to where it needs to be. Bella maintains a high standard that translates directly to exceptional designs and happy clients.

Certifications & Awards

Bella graduated from Fresno State in 2022 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. She won numerous ADDYs while in college, specifically taking home awards from the Integrated Brand Identity Campaign, Point of Purchase, Annual Report, and Packaging categories.

Dog Breed

A Detailed

Dachshunds are known for being intelligent, observant, independent, and focused—and when you’re closer to the ground, it’s easier to appreciate the little things. Bella can’t resist the scent of a challenge, and much like the wiener dog, she is dedicated and detail-oriented until the end.

DISC Personality


With high I and S, Bella is naturally prone to steadily supporting the team. A patient problem-solver, she believes that there is always a win-win solution for any situation. She plans her work and works her plan, adapting routines to suit specific project needs and remaining calm under pressure.

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