Branded Merchandise Director

Cameron Little

Promotional Products || Branding || Client Relations

Cameron brings energy, excitement, and style wherever he goes—and as our Branded Merchandise Director, he is always on the move. Known for relentless motivation coupled with a lighthearted demeanor, he won’t stop until the job is done, and he’ll smile the whole way through. With his unique understanding of design, product curation, and application, Cameron is passionate about helping businesses promote themselves authentically and effectively. He has been providing creatively driven branded merchandise to the Central Valley for more than 15 years, and since joining the Archer & Hound team in 2018, he’s been taking abstract ideas and bringing them to life for clients across California and beyond.

Cameron’s go-getter attitude leads to some incredible results, especially when it comes to product. He is dedicated to delivering items with impact, from team attire and holiday gifts to brand kits and campaign-specific collections (not to mention everything in between). As a master of pushing limits and delivering more than expected, Cameron is unafraid to deviate from the norm. He believes in finding the right pieces for each client’s promotional puzzle, considering all aspects as he balances innovation and intention. Cameron’s continued commitment ensures that no one will settle for the status quo when there is an opportunity to stand out for all of the right reasons.

Community Involvement

Cameron regularly volunteers at the Well Community Church. He also offers mentorship to junior high students at Wawona Middle School through the church. He has created benefit concerts for various charities, and is passionate about pursuing collaborations with small businesses whenever possible.

Dog Breed

A Glamorous

Goldendoodles are outgoing and enthusiastic. They love to learn and show off new tricks, so prepare to be impressed—but you may also end up giggling at the goofy nature of this trendy breed. His grooming may take a little extra time, but just like the Goldendoodle, Cameron always looks his best!

DISC Personality


As one of the highest I styles in the company, Cameron loves connecting with others, and his outgoing, positive nature makes this easy for him. He dreams big and always has a fresh idea for solving a problem. The other facets of his DISC tend to support and relate to his high-I nature—he loves his freedom, but he’s a team player at heart.

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