Chris Farris

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Articulate, animated, and an admirer of alliteration, Chris believes that if all the world’s a stage, he’ll happily embrace the role of ‘performer with a pencil.’ After earning an associate degree in liberal arts with a specialization in writing, Chris set out to write his own story. His education is further complemented by over seven years of professional writing experience, resulting in a diverse portfolio that includes news, reviews, interviews, features, and promotional copy, with a particular affection and professional experience with anime, comics, games, and other topics that make him a perfect fit with Archer & Hound’s nerdiness for copywriting.

Fortunately, Chris’s curiosity knows no bounds, and he is ever eager to delve into new subjects. At the center of his creativity is an insatiable desire to learn, solve problems, and elevate his skill set. Chris’ boundless drive to improve himself fuels his hunger to write compelling content that helps readers go from curious to informed. He approaches finding solutions with a creative process that hits the mark. Through his work, he relishes the opportunity to explore new subjects and translate his learning into engaging written content.

Certifications & Awards

Beyond his professional accolades, Chris boasts a unique title—he’s an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, having officiated multiple weddings.

Community Involvement

Chris is a dedicated, repeated blood donor and a passionate advocate for local theater, fostering connections with school departments such as Fresno City College and Sanger High.

Chris Farris
Dog Breed

A Curious
Cocker Spaniel

Cheerful, intelligent, and adaptable, Chris is naturally similar to the Cocker Spaniel. Like Chris, the breed is known for its easygoing and gentle nature, sporting long, wavy locks and an eternally positive attitude. Very quick, like his dog breed, Chris leaves a lasting impression with intelligent reasoning that is as eloquent as his prose.

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