Daniel Chandler
Media Buyer & Analyst

Daniel Chandler

Digital & Traditional Media Buying || Planning & Buying || Data & Analytics

A true detective at heart, Daniel can’t contain his hunger for knowledge and affinity for answers. Whether he’s crunching numbers, reporting on performance, listening to a podcast, watching a webinar, or evaluating a new platform, Daniel doesn’t believe in downtime. His meticulous mind never stops moving—and he’s usually thinking about marketing. From his days as an intern to becoming a post-grad professional, Daniel has made himself an asset to our media buying team, where he systematically dissects data and collects key insights that support and guide our tactics.

In his role, Daniel consistently seeks the most efficient, effective strategies to address the varieties of challenges we face. Clever, conscientious, and logical, he is driven by a need to push himself to his limits, always thinking about ways to improve or adjust to changing circumstances. Defined by his ability to derive meaning from chaotic, clouded information, Daniel has found his analytic niche in providing incomparable clarity for our clients. His ability to see the strategic path toward achieving our clients’ objectives has never prevented him from appreciating the larger vision, and his sharp eye ensures we stay the course every step of the way.

Certifications & Awards

After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a degree in business administration and marketing from Fresno State, Daniel has continued to improve and evolve his skills. Most recently, he became a Meta Certified Media Buying Professional, an elite certification demonstrating advanced proficiency and capability within the platform. He has also earned certifications in Google Search Ads, Google Fundamentals of Marketing, and Hootsuite Social Marketing.

Community Involvement

Since 2016, Daniel has served on his church’s worship team. He has also volunteered with Youth for Christ to assist with middle school clubs in the past—but more recently, he’s decided to take a more active role in philanthropy by sitting on the board of his cousin’s local Christian nonprofit, Urban Story. As part of the board, he coordinates with the fundraising committee to develop materials, design marketing campaigns, and plan for the official launch. He also assisted with video content for their YouTube channel, sharing powerful testimonies and real-life experiences of individuals’ encounters with Jesus.

Dog Breed

A Busy

Much like the famed hunters, Daniel can be found with his nose to the grindstone in search of solutions. Beagles and Daniels are known to be diligently focused on whatever task is at hand—but when they have something to say, you better believe they’ll be heard!

DISC Personality


Daniel’s DISC shows that he is all about the data. He prefers to work behind the scenes, supporting the team by connecting dots with an emphasis on analysis and accuracy. His detail-oriented, objective nature lends well to our fast-paced environment—Daniel is always cool under pressure.

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