Founder, CEO, & Director of Operations

Dave Blanchfield

Promotional Products || Business Operations || Business Development

The numbers guy who keeps all of the trains moving, Dave shoulders the operational details so the creatives can revel in their creativity. He learned about products and printing first-hand while growing up in his family’s print shop, and his expertise has been essential to Archer & Hound’s success since the very beginning.

A focused, strategic entrepreneur, Dave is committed to helping each team member thrive and fuel smart growth. In building this business with his wife, Jessica, he has emphasized a culture of collaboration, and nothing makes him happier than when a team of carefully selected individuals comes together to accomplish something that they couldn’t have done independently. Where a weaker soul might be scared of the inevitable unknowns of the future, Dave digs in—he continues to be excited about the challenges and adventures tomorrow may bring and Archer & Hound’s bright future.

Community Involvement

Dave has served with many local business organizations and has affiliation with Vistage Worldwide, an exclusive CEO peer organization. Additionally, Dave helped create and was the inaugural Board President for the Fresno Fire Chiefs Foundation, an organization supporting the local heroes in our community and committed to investing in safety education and fire prevention programs. In 2016, Dave and Jessica became certified Fresno County Foster Parents, and in August 2018, adopted their then five-year-old son. And yes—the entire Archer & Hound team was in the courtroom to celebrate the amazing day, wearing custom-designed shirts that touted “Love Makes a Family.”

Dog Breed


German Shepherds are classically calm, confident, and courageous, always prepared for their next test, task, or adventure. Like the loyal and protective German Shepherd, Dave is easygoing yet alert, watching over his family and his A&H team alike.

DISC Personality


Dave has high D and high C, which means he is a self-starter, future-oriented, and tenacious—in short, a natural leader. He is a “change agent,” which means he is always looking for better and more efficient ways to get things done. He likes to get to the point, make decisions, move on, because his brain is already on to the next step.

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