Director of Video Production

Gordon Howell

Cinematography || Audio Production || Photography

With an eye for experiential immersion and a passion for production, Gordon takes the A&H A/V Club to a whole new level (literally—he’s a licensed drone pilot)! He received his Bachelor of Music in commercial and media writing from California State University, Northridge, then returned to the Central Valley to pursue a career that combined his love of pairing thoughtfully created video with an engaging audio landscape.

While he is known for being quietly efficient and even-keeled, Gordon has a youthful heart. He maintains a student’s mindset, always learning and trying new things. He sees the world as his playground, so he finds inspiration in every corner. He also loves ice cream and would probably own an ice cream shop if he wasn’t in advertising (and if being a rockstar or the 49ers football coach didn’t work out). Gordon’s curious spirit and zest for life gives him a unique aptitude for using beautiful sound and imagery to help clients achieve goals. When he removes his headphones, you can find Gordon spending time with his wife, son, and two dogs or jamming with friends on his guitar.

Certifications & Awards

Gordon’s passion for film and music started at a young age, and his unique path has now led him to a become an accomplished videographer and filmmaker. In addition to his degree in songwriting for film, Gordon is a Part 107 certified commercial drone pilot, which gives our video department a completely new perspective. (Talk about reaching new heights!) Gordon has experience working in a variety of advanced programs, including virtual event production software that allows our clients to broadcast to and connect with key audiences anywhere in the world. He is also an Adobe Certified Professional in Digital Video Using Adobe Premier Pro.

Community Involvement

After many years of working with various churches and charities around the Central Valley, Gordon is currently in the process of developing a nonprofit that creates video to help churches make positive impacts in their communities.

Dog Breed

An Easygoing
Irish Wolfhound

Serene, laidback, and dignified, the Irish Wolfhound is nearly as tall as Gordon, who shares many of the same traits of the breed. These once fearless game hunters notorious for taking down wolves are now known for being patient, loyal, gentle giants.

The dog persona outline drawing of Gordon Howell, an Irish Wolfhound
DISC Personality


A true C, Gordon is systematic, organized, and detail-oriented while being flexible and adaptable in the name of cooperation. He values quality and has high standards, and most importantly, he’s willing to put in the work it takes to reach that level.

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