Jake Jensen
Account Executive

Jake Jensen

Account Management || Project Management || Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting Jake, then you may not know that beneath his quiet, collected exterior lies the mind of a tactical artist. As an Account Manager, Jake knows our clients and our process inside and out, making him an ideal guide as we implement marketing initiatives and execute strategic campaigns for businesses in the Central Valley and beyond. His creative vision allows him to see the bigger picture, while his background in business strategy ensures that he can fine-tune the details to perfection.

At work, Jake’s straightforward nature balances with his unwavering curiosity, and he is always eager to learn something new. He’s passionate about nurturing good ideas into incredible experiences—especially when that means breaking barriers and accomplishing goals. His perspective is instrumental in taking team projects from conception to completion. When challenges inevitably arise, he remains unfazed, displaying immeasurable adaptability and resilience to get the job done. For Jake, hard work and heart go hand-in-hand—or in our case, paw-in-paw.

Certifications & Awards

Jake has a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in marketing from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. In search of additional training and education, he subsequently completed the User Experience Design Immersive program at General Assembly in San Francisco. He has earned a Google Ads Search Certification, in addition to HubSpot Academy Certifications in Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing.

Community Involvement

Outside of the office, Jake is passionate about being involved in the community in ways that speak to his passions. In addition to coaching youth basketball and baseball, he loves to attend art shows, concerts, athletic events, and other local gatherings in support of his friends and neighbors.

Dog Breed

Tenacious Jack
Russell Terrier

Just like Jake, Jack Russell Terriers are tough, tenacious, and very friendly. This clever working dog thrives on task completion and doesn’t mind running long distances, burrowing underground, or even waiting for days to catch their prey (or reach that target goal).

DISC Personality


Alex’s high-I personality indicates that she is approachable, friendly, and loves working with others. She is a naturally positive person and believes there is a creative solution to any problem. Alex is also opinionated and outspoken but prefers to lead by example and support from behind, which is why she thrives in a team environment.

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