Social Media & Digital Strategist

Jaquie Tristan

Digital Marketing || Social Media Strategy || Project Management

With an eye for social style and her finger on the pulse of digital trends, Jaquie’s keen senses are perfectly suited for her role as Social Media & Digital Strategist at Archer & Hound. Whether she’s collaborating with the creative team, researching new strategies for engaging with audiences, or brainstorming new ways to tell our clients’ stories, Jaquie is always thinking. She strives to connect the dots between a client’s authentic identity and their digital brand touchpoints, smoothing the path toward achieving marketing goals in the process.

As an adventurous lover of the great outdoors, Jaquie is fueled by her experiences, especially when traveling. Her best ideas are out-of-the-box and unexpected, blending her passion for marketing and her no-limits approach to life. Her chill demeanor, task-oriented brain, and easy laughter brings a calming presence that allows the creative magic to happen—but don’t let the relaxed attitude fool you, because it doesn’t stop her from pushing our projects to make them stand out.

Certifications & Awards

Jaquie has a B.S. in marketing from Utah State University, where she was a member of the Huntsman Marketing Association. She has also been a member of the Utah Digital Marketing Collective.

Community Involvement

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Jaquie Tristan
Dog Breed

A Level-Headed
Long-Haired Dachshund

Like shorter-haired varieties, the loyal Long-Haired Dachshund is as curious and independent as they are calm and good-natured, resulting in a small, spirited adventure buddy who will stick by you through thick and thin. Trade small for tall and you have Jaquie, eagerly digging up opportunities for deeper understanding.

Jaquie Tristan
DISC Personality

Coordinating Supporter

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