Web Director

Kelsey Smith

UX Design || UI Design || Web Development || Brand Strategy

Some designers have an unbelievable natural talent—but fortunately, Kelsey is no fairytale, and her skills are the real deal. She joined A&H as an intern in the web department, but after graduating from Fresno State with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design and interactive multimedia, Kelsey moved into a full-time role—and with her mouse as her wand, she’s been making magic ever since. Known for being diligent, considerate, clever, and resourceful, our Web Director has the same approach to design, paying attention to every detail and refusing to stop until it’s impeccable. She loves the combination of design, organization, and storytelling, and the digital world is the perfect place to build immersive, interactive experiences that make a tangible impact.

Kelsey’s imagination is a world of its own, and she’s always dreaming up new ways to convey messages from our clients to their customers. It’s no surprise that when she isn’t in the office, she’s pursuing other ways to escape from reality, from video games and anime shows to novels and theme parks. A natural-born introvert, Kelsey values her independence and alone time, but she loves working with fellow ad junkies to push boundaries and find unique solutions. With a little elbow grease and a touch of pixie dust, Kelsey fearlessly overcomes obstacles to deliver impeccable work time and time again.

Certifications & Awards

Kelsey is certified in Advanced Google Analytics. She was awarded an Honoree of the Interactive Multimedia track for the BFA Graphic Design program at Fresno State. She also received a Gold ADDY Award in the 2021 District 14 Advertising Awards Competition.

Community Involvement

When she was growing up, Kelsey was a Girl Scout, often participating in community beautification and fundraising events with her troop. Now, she donates her time and money to various meaningful causes, including local animal shelters and the Special Olympics. Kelsey was also a proud participant of the group of local advertising professionals who reestablished the Fresno chapter of the AAF (American Advertising Federation).

Profile of Kelsey Smith in an orange coat over a dark shirt on a dark blue-green background
Dog Breed


Known for being an especially affectionate, adorable breed, the fluffy Hokkaido has Japanese origins—a perfect fit for anime-loving Kelsey. Just like the Hokkaido, she is faithful, alert, bold, and brave (except when it comes to bugs—she’ll leave those for the dogs).

the dog persona outline drawing of Kelsey Smith, a Hokkaido
DISC Personality


Naturally high in both S and C, Kelsey is patient, practical, and deliberate. She is a planner, and she doesn’t like to make a decision or share an opinion until she has all of the information. She is the perfect blend of adaptable and dependable, and her collection of skills and attributes provides balance and stability to whatever team she is on.

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