Account Administrator

Kylie Insco

Account Services || Marketing Strategy || Photography

Highly organized and detail-oriented, Kylie works directly with our accounts team to help them serve our clients. In addition to monitoring project and campaign progress over time, she ensures that every line item on our budget is accounted for and executed. Characterized by a positive and cheerful attitude, Kylie is serious about her work, and she’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with others while connecting the dots. Her background as an Account Executive at A&H means she understands the mechanics of our agency, and she possesses the perfect tools to offer specialized, strategic support.

At her core, Kylie is competitive, driven, and unwilling to leave a problem unsolved. A task-driven executor, she specializes in the small details that make a big difference to our clients. She loves learning new things, especially when she can apply them to her work and improve results. She is also a skilled photographer, and she’s captured many special moments from behind her lens, both in and out of the office. Kylie’s can-do attitude means she is always prepared, and as a result, so is our team.

Certifications & Awards

Kylie earned her degree in three years in Media, Communications and Journalism from Fresno State with an emphasis in advertising. She maintained a high GPA and was on the President’s List during her school tenure. She was awarded the MCJ Department Scholarship, the Dr. Roberta Asahina Scholarship, and the John Reed King Scholarship. Kylie was also the president of Alpha Delta Sigma, the advertising club on campus. She is certified in the Workamajig project management system, Advanced Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Facebook Blueprint.

Community Involvement

Kylie was born and raised in Fresno and has always been passionate about improving the Central Valley. She has volunteered with Heart of the Horse Therapy Ranch and Girl Scouts of Central California South, and more recently, she worked on a committee to relaunch the Fresno Chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Kylie loves offering guidance to students from her old high school about attending college and regularly meets with students in the Valley as a peer mentor. She also gives back in various ways through her church, including mission trips, building projects, and fundraisers.

Dog Breed

A Resourceful
Golden Retriever

Natural-born go-getters, the Golden Retriever will never let you down, and their friendly, reliable temperaments make them excellent companions on any adventure. Just like Kylie, this hard-working breed is intelligent and playful, always knowing when you need a little extra affection.

DISC Personality


More than anything else, Kylie’s DISC is proof of how well-rounded she is. She is friendly, self-assured, patient, and observant, with traits from each area. Her combination of I and S have made her very good at encouraging others and accomplishing goals through people, and her D and C allow her to see both the bigger picture and the small details.

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