Social Media Content & Community Manager

Liv Sailor

Content Creation || Community Engagement || Influencer & Media Relations

Passionate about social media and energized by new trends, Liv has found her perfect spot as a social media manager. For her, the ever-changing landscape of social media is an exciting challenge rather than a deterrent. She enjoys creating content where the aesthetics and ideas align, and while keeping track of the latest trends is a fun pastime, she is always brainstorming about how to best utilize them. Liv understands the persuasive power of social media and influencers, and she knows how to harness that power to accomplish our clients’ goals.

Liv’s keen eye extends beyond the workplace, whether she’s posting to her own channels or finding shopping deals that save money without compromising on style. Authenticity is essential for Liv, whether she’s expressing it through clothing or personality, and she carries that approach into her work. By always staying true to herself, she gives everyone around her the space to do the same.

Certifications & Awards

Liv has a Bachelor’s in business administration, entrepreneurship, with a focus in social media and marketing. Her social media experience includes owning her own business—Valley Social—and hosting a corresponding podcast called the Social Club.

Community Involvement

Outside of work, Liv volunteers as a high school leader with her church.

Liv Sailor
Dog Breed

A Curious
Cocker Spaniel

Liv’s sweet and inquisitive personality is much like that of the Cocker Spaniel, an eager-to-please breed known for maintaining a tireless work ethic while always managing to look good. Sporty and stylish, the Spaniel makes every excursion feel like a fun adventure—just like Liv.

DISC Personality

Coordinating Supporter

With a mix of high S, C, and I, Trianne is usually steady, easygoing, and relaxed, possessing a balanced objectivity that makes her a huge asset during times of chaos or crisis. This also indicates that she likes to understand the reasons behind choices and changes because she’s constantly making connections that will help her and others down the line.

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