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Mikayla Marini

Promotional Products || Brand Application || Client Relations

Mikayla Marini, known in her professional capacity as a Branded Merch Rep, playfully dubs herself “The overthinking overachiever,” shedding a lighthearted perspective on her role.

Surprisingly, her lesser-known fact is her twin brother, a unique facet of her life. Creatively fueled by the satisfaction of her clients, she unveils hidden talents as a trusted therapist for friends and family and a natural with kids. Described by her most humorous and articulate friends as inclusive, fun, caring, and adventurous, Mikayla’s professional identity is marked by adaptability, reliability, and strong communication skills, while her personal hours are dedicated to cherished family time. Her love for the job stems from the fulfillment of satisfying people’s needs, and in an alternate career scenario, she envisions herself excelling in medical sales. A fervent coffee enthusiast, she ensures her office space always includes a cup of java, and her work ambiance resonates with country or pop music. Chipotle stands as her go-to local lunch spot, and her top three pop culture movie recommendations include “American Sniper,” “Secretariat,” and “Dear John.” In a playful twist, she humorously selects the Chesapeake Bay Retriever as her dog persona, embodying its work ethic, determination, loyalty, adaptability, and curly hair.

Certifications & Awards

Currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration/marketing at Fresno State, Mikayla boasts academic achievements as a recipient of Craig School of Business Scholarships and recurrent appearances on the President’s and Dean’s Lists.

Community Involvement

Beyond her academic pursuits, Mikayla actively engages with the community as a board member for Craig School of Business Scholarships, alongside her commitment to community service. In addition to giving back through her church, she regularly volunteers for and donates to the Fresno Rescue Mission and Roeding Park Soup Kitchen. She also participated in the Special Olympics as a basketball coach. On a mission trip to Haiti, Mikayla fell in love with stewardship travel, and now tries to give back everywhere she goes.

Mikayla Marini
Dog Breed

A Cheerful
Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Known to be excellent watchdogs, versatile athletes, confident companions, and world-class hunting buddies, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers have curly coats that perfectly complement Mikayla’s coils. Behind their friendly, charming demeanors are keen senses and sharp instincts, making them both effective workers in the field and in the office.

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