Video & Motion Graphics Producer

Patrick McNamara

Cinematography || Audio Production || Photography || Motion Graphics

From a very young age, Patrick has been passionate about telling stories in meaningful ways, and for almost as long, audio-visual media has been his chosen vehicle for expression. His 15 years of film experience ranges from advertising to the news industry and everything in between. Collaborating on such a wide variety of projects has given Patrick an abundance of skills that he brings to every shoot. By now, he’s basically a Swiss Army Knife of production—no matter the problem, he can figure out a way to fix it. His calm, analytical nature gives space for creative troubleshooting, even in the fast-paced environment of videography.

Whether behind the camera or in front of editing screens, Patrick creates with intention. He’s always considering the most authentic and effective way to capture a specific message—an approach that carries into post-production and his own life. From his perspective, a better understanding of each other’s stories weaves the fabric of a community together, and Patrick loves that every story shared has the opportunity to make the fabric stronger. He understands that zooming in at the right moment can allow simple, beautiful moments to shine, and our clients love that he always seems to get their good side.

Certifications & Awards

Patrick has a B.S. in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He has won a Silver Dome Award and two regional Emmys, along with being nominated for a third regional Emmy.

Community Involvement

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Patrick McNamara
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Irish Terrier

A bold and courageous dog that is always ready for a challenge, the Irish Terrier is such a hard worker that its tenderhearted nature almost comes as a surprise. Sturdy, agile, and quick learners, Irish Terriers are able to quickly adapt and solve problems on the fly—invaluable skills in Patrick’s position.

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