Social Media Content & Community Manager

Raegan Melfe

Content Creation || Community Engagement || Influencer & Media Relations

Raegan Melfe may be a Social Media Content & Community Manager by title, but she’s a social butterfly by nature, meaning she’s perfectly suited for her role at Archer & Hound. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and new media and a minor in film, her educational journey paved the way for a career that has taken flight. Raegan’s tenure has included a stint at a marketing agency specializing in YouTube management for top film studios and valuable training from NBC and Newsweek, honing her skills in editing broadcast and text-on-screen videos. Additionally, she holds a certificate in fashion essentials, a testament to her diverse skillset and interests.

When stuck in a creative rut, Raegan prefers to write her way out, a passion that has fueled her professional and personal endeavors. She finds great satisfaction in crafting successful posts for clients and collaborating with her team, finding new inspiration at every opportunity. Vivacious, funny, and dedicated, Raegan believes that the best way to manage a social media community is to become part of the community itself. She fully immerses herself in order to become an authentic voice and representative of our clients. Her dedication extends beyond work hours—Raegan’s life is deeply rooted in her Christian faith, and her adventurous spirit drives her to explore. She loves paddleboarding, camping, hiking, and Disneyland, with over 100 visits to her name. Whether she is flitting from conversation to conversation enchanting fans and followers or crafting a series of posts designed to perform, Raegan’s talents are clear and her trajectory is set. Sit back and watch her soar.

Community Involvement

Raegan’s commitment to her community continues as she actively participates in the International Ministry at Trinity Community Church, fostering connections among international students at Fresno State.

Raegan Melfe
Dog Breed

A Brave
Hmong Bobtail Dog

Raegan’s exploratory nature is a perfect match for the Hmong bobtail dog, which is highly intelligent and prized for its ability to guide people along complex routes through the mountains. Loyal and friendly, they are both protective of their territory and always up for an adventure!

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