Social Media Content & Community Manager

Victoria Criner

Content Creation || Community Engagement || Influencer & Media Relations

When it comes to social media, Victoria knows all the right moves. She’s cool, confident, and committed to her role, bringing energy and enthusiasm along with her expertise to the Archer & Hound team. Driven by the satisfaction of bringing ideas to life, Victoria thrives when brainstorming, planning, and executing creative projects. She’s always on beat with trends while thinking a step ahead—a tall order for some of the most talented in the business, and she makes it look easy.

As much as she loves to dance, Victoria isn’t attached to a professional routine—she loves the variety in her work and is always excited to see what each day will bring. The ever-evolving nature of social media is the perfect fit for this social butterfly. She’s passionate about capturing memories and telling stories, and her goal is to support and satisfy clients in their efforts to do the same. Whether it’s through aesthetically pleasing pictures, iconic quotes, or meaningful brand messages, Victoria relishes the challenge of finding the best way to spread the word.

Certifications & Awards

Victoria possesses an A.A. in health science and is actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing, demonstrating her dedication to continuous learning.

Community Involvement

Victoria actively volunteers at Saint Rest Baptist Church, participating in various events, projects, and ministry groups whenever her schedule allows.

Victoria Criner
Dog Breed

A Persistent
Portuguese Water Dog

With curly hair and an effervescent personality to match, Victoria exudes the best qualities of the Portuguese Water Dog, a breed known for its loyalty and love of learning. Eager to please and prone to feats of athleticism, this dog is always ready to strut its stuff—and with tenacity and spirit like Victoria’s, there’s sure to be a great show!

DISC Personality

Relating Promoter

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