SEO & Content Strategist

Vikaas Shanker

Search Engine Optimization || Copywriting & Editing || Content Strategy

Always fascinated by technology and the ways with which people can connect, Vikaas has made his passion for the digital sphere into a full-time career at Archer & Hound. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in journalism, then spent seven years working as a professional investigative journalist, making his way to California to be closer to his family. A recent crypto enthusiast, he enjoys exploring how blockchain technology and Web3 can reinvigorate the news media industry. His inquisitive mindset has made him equally as successful in the SEO realm, where problems and solutions are rarely simple or straightforward (and that’s the way he likes it).

In the midst of refining content for our clients’ diverse digital platforms, Vikaas spends his time trying to unlock mysteries and bring clarity to chaos in ways that will make our work even more effective. He loves creating campaigns that connect emotionally with our clients’ audiences while performing well for search algorithms. He has a unique understanding of the power of compelling content—especially as it relates to research, analytics, and search rankings. Vikaas uses historical data and industry trends to establish his SEO strategies, which means he hits the mark every time—and we love a bullseye around here.

Certifications & Awards

Vikaas is certified in Semrush SEO and Google Analytics. He was the recipient of the 2016 and 2018 George F. Gruner Awards, both first-place honors for Meritorious Public Service. In 2010, he also received a first-place SPJ National Mark of Excellence Award for editorial writing for two-year college media. In 2018, Vikaas participated in the USC Annenberg Center for Health Journalism Data Fellowship, where he learned large-scale data reporting and analysis. He used the skills to analyze obesity rates for every school in California, utilizing physical fitness testing data and performing regression analysis to compare against various markers, such as ethnicity and poverty levels. He also applied his data organizational skills to local investigative journalism, uncovering the obscenely high sugar content in the local school district’s lunches.

Community Involvement

Vikaas loves to be involved with his community, and currently sits as president of the board of his Homeowner’s Association. He also assisted with a Central Valley political campaign, helping to develop and implement social media and web strategies for the candidate. He continues to be passionate about educating and engaging youth media in journalism.

Dog Breed

A Shrewd

Friendly, intelligent, astute, and observant, the Schnauzer loves to learn and loves to play. Much like Vikaas, Schnauzers can be strong-willed. Still, they are incredibly devoted to those they love, and their good-natured, quiet resilience is coveted among dog breeds (and SEO Specialists, conveniently enough).

DISC Personality


Vikaas is motivated by logic and loves following a plan to accomplish his goals. His high-C tendencies indicate a love of research and analytics, while his high S shows that he works well with a team. Even though he doesn’t often display his emotions, he is also patient and empathetic, which helps him build relationships with others.

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