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PRO~PT had just gone through a website redesign—but the results felt off, and they couldn’t figure out why. When they came to A&H and went through our brand discovery process, we were quickly able to identify that the website did not accurately represent their brand, so we went to work creating something new that would be authentic and effective for users.

Old Brand
  • Uppercase letters communicate aggression
  • High-intensity photos didn’t reflect actual patients’ needs
  • High-contrast color palette is dramatic/feels intimidating and severe
  • Black and white photography communicates history and feels exclusive

Re-aligning the Brand

New Brand
  • Softer copy tone
  • Photos encompassing a broad audience age range representing actual patients
  • Friendly/approachable/welcoming vibe
  • Split-complementary color palette adds depth and emotion to PRO~PT red
  • Photography shows patients’ personal aspirations


With clear brand guidelines, a new color palette based on their logo, and a cohesive plan for the user experience, our team created a site that would clearly catalog all of PRO~PT’s treatment options and unique services while also guiding new and returning patients to the most relevant pages for them.

Custom Iconography


Social Media
& SEM Ads

We also began handling their social media management and advertising, making sure to keep their brand consistent across all platforms.

As a result of these new assets, along with our precise goals and ongoing trackable metrics, PRO~PT is receiving more appointment requests than ever before and effectively connecting with and helping patients across the Central Valley.


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