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Education DuringCOVID-19

Fresno Christian Schools

After years of running Fresno Christian’s enrollment campaign and creating their school apparel, the onset of COVID-19 had a huge impact on how the school runs—but in 2020, this ended up being an advantage, because school administrators were able to react quickly and set the students up for success.

Fresno Christian Schools

When online learning first started, FCS already had an online learning system in place, and it was significantly more robust than the system ran by the public schools in the area. We ran a social media ad campaign showing the student view of the online learning system and showing how smoothly it was running for them.

When Fresno Christian received a waiver that allowed in-person learning for their elementary school students, we had a response prepared for media and received multiple positive hits. We also ran another ad campaign touting, “every student, every day,” because many schools were only having schools come certain days of the week. The ad linked to a lead generation form, which prompted a personal contact from one of the school’s administrators.

With some special orders for FCS masks, staff, students, and parents were ready to face all of the new challenges.


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