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Kern County Public Works

Starting with a blank slate for a brand can be a challenge in and of itself, but after some initial meetings, we began to understand the true challenge, beyond creating a new logo, would be establishing Kern County Public Works’ overall non-traditional brand: a helpful organization, with many facets, serving the residents of Kern County. Additionally, we were tasked with creating their first social media outreach—a Facebook page dedicated to providing residents with the latest updates, whether that be road closures, upcoming construction, public safety notifications, or emergency messages. Social media has become the hub for communication of this type, but we had to build the Facebook page and bring the audience in before we could effectively share messaging.

Kern County Public Works

First, we created a logo that represented their brand, putting together a brand book alongside it to help guide future design initiatives. The new logo was also applied to some apparel for their employees.

We then developed their Facebook page created content, and managed engagement and responses. We ran social media ads to attract followers in relevant areas, capturing the audience that would find our messaging most useful. We were ultimately able to grow their social following from zero to more than 11,500 followers in less than one year. We continue to guide and monitor stakeholder communication and share all emergencies and public notices on social media.


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