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Custom StaffApparel & Products

Boris Elementary School

We were first introduced to Boris Elementary by referral, and we’ve had a long-standing, successful relationship since then. Many schools we work with have existing logos and branding, but in Boris’s case, we were given professional logos and asked to reimagine their staff apparel. During the summer, the administration team provides us with the school theme for the upcoming year, which then dictates what products the school wants to offer to its staff.

We always start with a custom-designed print, which is then applied to retail-quality, soft tees with a soft-hand ink—meaning the image is soft to the touch and resistant to wear over time. That same design is then applied to hard goods, such as notebooks, pens, and drinkware.

Boris Elementary School

We customized a spiral-bound notebook with UV print and paired that with a matte-finish, soft-touch exterior, allowing the glossy design to stand out. The final piece was a gel pen that complimented the style and feel of the notebook.

Everyone needs a good cup of coffee in the morning, so it was imperative to find a cup that matched Boris’s sense of style but also kept the coffee hot, which is precisely what our retro-inspired, glossy-coated, cobalt blue mug does. Boris’s staff now has everything they need to succeed during the school year (and look good doing it), and we’re patiently awaiting next year’s theme!


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