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EmployeeRewards Program

Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical is a world leader in the development, design, manufacturing, and distribution of wheelchairs and scooters. Each month, the HR department hosts a lunch-and-learn session to educate and train their employees on several different topics. Safety and the health of their employees are top priorities at Sunrise Medical, so many of the sessions address these topics directly and indirectly.

Traditionally, education and training sessions are not the most exciting things for employees to attend, but they are incredibly crucial to the strength of the company. Looking to get more buy-in from their employees and have them actively participate in the lunch-and-learn sessions, we were asked to create a connection between the topics being discussed and something tangible they could touch, feel, and take with them.

To make the lunch-and-learn sessions something the employees wanted to attend enthusiastically, we needed to grab their attention with something that would keep them coming back for more. With an incentive program already in place at Sunrise Medical, the foundation was solid, but it needed a direction. In successfully connecting the branded item to the topic, our team knew that the information would be more memorable for employees. Each month, as they discussed a new subject, a new Sunrise Medical product was introduced and given to all who attended. These products were only made available at the sessions and not offered at other times, making them exclusive and unique.

Sunrise Medical

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