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Safe Travels

The COVID-19 crisis had an immediate effect on the tourism industry, and we wanted to make sure that Visit Cambria would be prepared to jump into action as soon as travel reopened.

Safe Travels

Visit Cambria is always a resource for visitors, and we saw an opportunity to be a new type of resource during the COVID-19 pandemic. By developing pieces that would collectively answer visitors’ questions before they had to ask, we could earn the trust of our guests and invite them to come to Cambria in a safe way.

While future travelers dreamed about where to go when the time was right, Cambria remained visible with increased social media posts and engagement on a daily basis. In transforming the website to reflect the new #SafeTravels campaign, we created custom itineraries for visiting with distance, take-out food and activity pairings, and solo travel. It paid off—these marketing efforts helped provide an economy-saving boost to Cambria, with a 23% increase in TOT from FY 2019 2020 to FY 2020 2021, exceeding figures from the highs in 2017 and 2018.


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