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Empower Lindsay Recruitment

Lindsay Unified School District

The Lindsay Unified School District does things very differently. They realized that the traditional education model was broken—so they rewrote the rules, changing everything from their curriculum and classroom structure to the language they use to interact with the system. The students are at the center of everything, and the community goes above and beyond to help them succeed. Needless to say, their unique strategies for teaching and learning call for an even more unique approach to recruiting new talent.

Even though LUSD had no trouble attracting positive attention for their contemporary approach to education, they were finding it difficult to find like-minded, capable, and qualified individuals to take on learning facilitator positions. In Lindsay, learning facilitators are not just teachers—they are leaders, who are tasked with creating learning experiences specifically designed for each learner and maintaining order in an open classroom environment. The ideal candidate would already share the core values of the District.

Lindsay Unified School District

Our goal was to attract the right candidates for various open positions. This started with the development of a landing page that told the Lindsay story and explained exactly what qualities they look for in new hires. A series of cohesive ads, including native digital ads, social media ads, and Pandora ads, all pointed back to the landing page. Specialty ads were designed for educational conferences, where they were geotargeted directly to the conference area. Additionally, anyone who expressed interest was added to an e-blast distribution list, where a drip campaign was set up to retarget candidates who may be considering the position but hadn’t yet applied.

At the end of the three-month campaign, Lindsay Unified School District had received a large group of applications—and overall, it was the most qualified group that had ever applied. They proceeded to fill all of their open positions before the start of the semester, beginning another successful school year with the right team in place.


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