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The Well

A&H has worked with The Well and their ministries for many years on various projects from sermon-based tees to mission trip apparel, so it was no surprise when they came to us for new apparel with their rebrand of the Well Student Ministries (WSM).

During the internal rebrand that The Well was doing, we were tasked with finding apparel and products that resonated with teenagers—their very picky primary audience for student ministries. We applied the new logos for WSM to visors, dad hats, tees, and lanyards, each of which has practical applications but are also on trend right now in the middle and high school age groups.

Although we didn’t design anything around the new branding, we did have to execute the new logos with the highest of quality, from the ink to the thread and fabrics we chose for each item. This level of attention to detail is why our clients come back to us time and time again.


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