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Eroica Challenge

With the onset of COVID-19, many events were canceled or postponed—including Eroica California, a huge cycling event located in Cambria, CA that was first moved from spring to fall 2020, then postponed to 2021. This event typically brings hundreds of cyclists to the Central Coast, inviting riders to enjoy the thrill and fatigue of vintage, gravel cycling and creating a huge boost for local lodging properties.

Brand Management

Our team wanted to find a way to create a new attraction for cyclists who might be missing out on all of their canceled rides and races this year while also encouraging them to stay on the Central Coast.

To accomplish this, we created the Eroica Challenge, a free, self-guided event in which riders can come to the Central Coast, ride modified versions of the Eroica California routes, track their progress, and report back to receive a finisher’s medal, a 2020 Eroica poster, and be entered to win a free 2021 Eroica California ride. With the collaboration of a couple of local cyclists influencers and some strategic coordination within our Strava club, we were able to host a “virtual” event with tangible results for our client.


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