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Unidos Por Salud Social Branding

California Health Collaborative

Unidos Por Salud came to us with a problem: the tobacco industry unfairly targets the Hispanic/Latino community, but members of this community may not be seeking resources to quit or may not have access to them in the first place. The industry has ingrained tobacco use in the Hispanic/Latino culture, and there is a lack of policies to prevent deceptive marketing tactics.

It was our job to identify their “why” and help them develop a brand that could be a trusted resource and educate their target audiences. With a significant disparity between the parents, youth, teens, and young adults they were trying to reach, it was essential to develop a brand that would bridge the gap between them all.

California Health Collaborative

Inspiring Social Change

By developing a strong brand and roadmap for their organization, their social media post engagement increased by 400% in the first month!

Allow us to introduce you to their “why”:

Unidos Por Salud is dedicated to helping those affected by the tobacco industry and preventing non-users from starting through education, community engagement, collaboration with local leaders, and providing the communities with the tools they need to fight back today and in the future.

We are humble, and we don’t presume to know these people or what goes on in their lives. We don’t tell communities what to do—we listen to them and try to understand their unique struggles so that we can explore solutions together as partners.

We use strategy sessions, leadership, and “boots on the ground” action to work with youth and adults alike to affect change from the inside out.


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