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Open Enrollment

Fresno Christian Schools

Fresno Christian is a private school dedicated to preparing its students for life through rigorous academics, Christ-like character development, and serving the Lord. Each year, we run an open enrollment campaign to attract new parents and students to the FCS way of life.

Parents are drawn to the school for a variety of reasons, like smaller class sizes, the community environment, inspiring curriculum, a focus on music and the arts, and biblical studies. We concepted, scripted, and developed three videos with messages targeting three different audiences: early education, elementary school, and high school. The early elementary video is from the parent’s perspective, while the elementary and high school videos are from the student’s perspective. Each is a narration of a letter to God, thanking Him for all of the great things that Fresno Christian provides them.

Fresno Christian Schools

The emotional appeal of the videos, along with the granular targeting of each social media ad, has allowed Fresno Christian to connect with like-minded students and families seeking different education opportunities in the Fresno area, and the campaign has successfully enrolled many new students each year since it began.

High School Enrollment
Upper Elementary Enrollment
Lower Elementary Enrollment

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