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Visit Cambria, CA

Tucked away on California’s Central Coast lies a secluded beach-front haven that enchants visitors with its historic architecture, distinctive shops, abundant hiking trails, art galleries, and walking paths along the beach.

Archer & Hound—The Challenge

While many features make Cambria a unique vacation destination, the quaint town is tucked away along the northern coastline of California’s Central Coast and often forgotten about compared to some of the larger and more well-known neighboring destinations. As a newly developed tourism board, Cambria was eager to create awareness about the destination and increase lodging stays, especially during the shoulder or off-season. Additionally, they were looking for a partner to work with local businesses and community organizations to promote events, attractions, history, culture, and the unique atmosphere of Cambria, creating a truly holistic experience to attract visitors.

After conducting research among potential travelers within our geographic radius, we identified ideal features that fit within Cambria’s accessible activities. To satisfy travelers’ needs, Visit Cambria needed to become the primary informative resource for planning trips, finding inspiration while in town, and generating conversation about the Central Coast. It was essential to balance the user’s informational needs with the dreamy experience they were looking for.

Annually, we reevaluate the marketing plan and calibrate for efficiencies and priorities of the Cambria Tourism Board and industry trends. In the face of unforeseen challenges, we have pivoted plans throughout the years to account for disruptions in the market due to natural disasters like highway closures, water shortages, or COVID-19. We saw a 33% increase in TOT from FY 2019/2020 to FY 2020/2021—exceeding figures from the highs in 2017 and 2018.


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