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Infant of Prague

Infant of Prague is an organization focused on providing education and supportive counseling to women facing unintended pregnancies, as well as connecting them with adoptive families. They came to Archer & Hound with the goal of communicating with these women. Still, they had concerns about diving deep into such a sensitive subject.

The journey of adoption is multifaceted, and beyond the emotional struggles—which can range from happiness to fear and include everything in between—and it’s also a topic that is not always openly discussed. While the discussion of adoption is easier for the adoptive family, the conversation takes on a whole new feeling when reaching out to the birth mother. It is a delicate situation and needs to be treated as such.

Infant of Prague

Words of Wisdom

Dubbed “Words of Wisdom,” Archer & Hound developed a campaign that spoke to the emotions surrounding an unintended pregnancy by transforming the potentially negative feelings of the birth mother’s current situation into a positive outlook.


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