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Wishing You a Very Creative Christmas

In the advertising world, the holiday season is always exciting because we have the privilege of writing and designing many of our clients’ holiday cards. Here at Archer & Hound, we also design and develop branded merchandise for our clients to give as gifts to their own clients, employees, and friends.

Santa and his elves are prepping the sleigh and the reindeer are warming up—which means the holidays are just around the corner. If you’re still not sure what your holiday cards and gifts should look like, you might want to give us a call and let us help you out.

Below, you’ll find examples of some of our personal favorite holiday cards and gifts, both for Archer & Hound and for our clients.


Our agency Christmas cards have always been an opportunity for us to let our creativity shine, no matter what theme inspired us that particular year. Our cards have run the gamut from holiday shapes to television references, but one thing remains consistent—our clients get to see another example of what we can do, which we hope will encourage them to push the boundaries on future projects.


A holiday card can be simple and modern or witty and colorful—and anything in between. Every client is unique, which means each message is different, but as long as the voice resonates and is true to the company that is sending the card, the well-wishes will be well-received.


Over the years, we’ve enjoyed coming up with new and exciting ways to thank our clients for another year of partnership and teamwork. Typically, this involves some sort of play on words, because puns make us happy, but the sentiments are always genuine, and therefore the recipients are delighted—our only goal.


It seems like every client wants something different when it comes to seasonal gifts, and fortunately, our branded merchandise team has plenty to offer when it comes to product options. Of course, the classics return as staples year after year, but Archer & Hound has pushed the limits occasionally, pleasing our clients and everyone who receives their gifts, too. The best part of working with our branded merchandise team is the ingenious ideas that they can contribute to your holiday gift roster—that’s when their imaginations truly sparkle.

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