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Product Launch Campaigns

A’cappella Chocolate

After designing an entirely new website for Debbas Gourmet’s A’cappella Chocolate, our team was tasked with spreading the word about their latest treats. As the master chocolatiers behind delicious creations such as the original hot chocolate drink ball (called the BevBomb), there was so much to be said about this incredible Central Valley institution. Armed with seasonal flavors and new-to-market products, our team created and implemented a holistic content strategy that would put A’cappella Chocolate into the hands and mouths of those who would love them most. Before long, we knew that everyone would be singing praises for these delicious treats—they just needed a taste.

Video Ads

Social Media

Before Archer & Hound took over A’cappella’s social media, the chocolate company was managing its own pages. We immediately implemented custom content creation highlighted by stop-motion videos, vibrant photography, product explainer commercials, and graphic design. Each project was created custom to the specifications of each platform to maximize brand awareness. To support product launch campaigns, ongoing content calendars included product features, user-generated content, influencer assets, and special deals in order to engage consumers and generate excitement about the latest innovations in chocolate.

Comparison of A'cappella Chocolate's Instagram grids at different times


As part of our outreach efforts, our team researched and connected with influencers from across the country who aligned with A’cappella’s target niche, including food influencers, snack connoisseurs, and fans of specific retailers where we knew the product could be found. We sent out curated boxes of chocolates to our selected influencers, giving them a varied selection of A’cappella favorites to taste. Through the affiliate program we developed, they created unique URLs to capture a portion of the profits for purchases made using the links.















Social Media Advertising


In addition to influencer outreach, our team also coordinated a layered pitch approach for traditional public relations. We began by promoting A’cappella locally, emphasizing the broad reach of this Fresno organization. We used the success of our local pitch to garner media in other California markets, and from there, selected key areas in other states with which to repeat the pattern. Soon, we began to see a pattern—every time we successfully pitched to a new media market, we saw online sales increase in that same area. We tracked the increases across the country, ultimately resulting in a successful initial product launch and consistently lucrative results during these PR pushes.

Candy Industry story screenshot of a newly released Valentine's Day A'cappella Chocolates BevBombs flavor
ABC30 A'cappella Chocolate Story Screenshot
ABC30 story screenshot of an interview with Max Debbas of A'cappella Chocolate
Online story screenshot about A'cappella Chocolate products

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